Sostituzione Edilizia dell'istituto scolastico “I.I.S.S. GIANNELLI” - Parabita (LE), via Fiume
Relais Histò San Pietro sul mar Piccolo - Taranto, via S. Andrea
Edificio con dest. turistico-ricettiva - Lecce, via di Ussano
Piano di lottizzazione comparti n°10,11 – Nardò (LE), via Gallipoli
Edificio per residenze ed attività commerciali – Nardò (LE), via Bonfante
Complesso Edilizio Polifunzionale - Nardò (LE), via A.Moro
Edificio per attività produttiva - Nardò (LE), via Ureta
Hotel Palazzo del Corso - Gallipoli (LE), Roma
Relais Corte Palmieri - Gallipoli (LE), Corte Palmieri
Villa plurifamiliare - Nardò (LE), loc. "Cenate"
Struttura turistico-ricettiva - Nardò (LE), loc. S.Caterina
Hotel Palazzo Mosco - Gallipoli (LE), via Micetti
Residenze sostenibili - Nardò (LE), loc. S.Caterina
Edificio residenziale - Nardò (LE), via c. di Nassirya
Residenza turistico alberghiera - Lecce, via Piemonte
Complesso residenziale - Nardò (LE), via Cazza
Clinica Radiologica - Nardò (LE), via Incoronata
Residenza Unifamiliare - Nardò (LE), loc. "Cenate"
Spiaggia libera con servizi – Nardò, S. Caterina (loc. Aspide)
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Studio Mario & Marco Gaballo Engineering provides specific technical-planning advice  with regard to Urban Planning, Architecture and Architectural  Engineering.

The firm has been operating in the field of town planning and building for over 40 years.

Commitment, passion, professionalism, innovation and quality are the values ​​that have always guided the firm.

In particular, Studio Gaballo Engineering operates in the following sectors:

  • town planning;
  • architectural design and construction supervision of residential, tourist, catering and manufacturing facilities in general;
  • planning of Restoration jobs regarding buildings of special architectural and artistic value;
  • sustainable architectural design and energy saving;
  • restyling and energy efficiency of existing homes;
  • structural design;
  • fire prevention design
  • technical consultancy in the field of town planning and construction.

In-depth knowledge in various areas of operation, the experience gained over time in step with continuing professional development (with special interest in technological innovation and solutions), as well as an efficient, rigorous and coordinated organization and works management, inside and outside the firm, ensure complete and optimal Integral Design within the building trade.

The firm’s research and innovation activities (including reports on conferences, lectures in specialized courses, publications, articles, etc.) focus in particular on two fronts:

  • Sustainable architectural design and energy saving;
  • Restyling and Energy Efficiency improvement of existing buildings;
  • Innovative technical-constructive solutions for interventions on existing buildings, such as structural reinforcement with fibre-reinforced materials (fabrics with carbon fibres, steel, glass, etc.) and pre-assembled construction technologies, anti-seismic and with a high degree of thermal insulation (mixed polystyrene-concrete, concrete-steel floors, etc.).